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Vapor4life began with former chain smoker Steve “Smilin'” Milin and a good idea. Once he realized the power of vaping to help him quit, he chose to help other people make the same life-changing decision. E cigs didn’t come in a user-friendly format back in 2008, so Milin made some changes and — voila — Vapor4life’s “King” was born. That got the company onto its feet in a hurry.

Vapor4life Goals

Milin aims to provide quality and variety: products that have been tested; devices he would personally have no problem using. These include his King, Titan, and more advanced units. There is Zeus in several versions including the Variable Volt and dual-mode e cig.

He also insists that clients are treated to a wide selection of flavor because vaping is a subjective experience. Smoking meant something different to all of the former smokers who buy his products: sometimes memories of hiding the smell of smoke, hanging around outside on cold days during a smoke break, or enduring a hacking cough and asthma symptoms.

Now vaping will create new memories. Vaping removes a lot of the negative associations while adapting traditional styles and adding new flavors. Memories of the aroma of pipe tobacco or a high-class cigar aren’t all bad. That’s why their WOW e juices come in both traditional and new-fangled styles.

Vapor4life disposable vapeDisposable Vaping – Coupons Available

Say what you will about the cost to your wallet and the environment but disposables play an important role in the vaping industry. They are critical to the success of brands that make and distribute them and also introduce many clients to the notion of vaping for the first time.

Vapor4life disposables have been awarded high ratings by experts and vapers for their authentic flavor. A 2.6% nicotine level is realistic for smokers. The tip is soft and you can bite it. Low resistance creates excellent vapor. Each one costs $7.99: make the most of your money and order packs of ten for $7 each. And you can still use the Vapor4Life coupons with your purchase.

Miniature E Cigs – Also Available With Vapor4Life Discounts

The mini cig or cigalike is a device so like the real thing that passers-by become confused and even indignant. Prepare to graciously explain that you aren’t smoking; you are vaping. This is a great chance to promote vaping to a skeptical audience by explaining what they are and how they work.

The $40 Titan Premium Starter Kit with two LED-tipped batteries is sold in assorted colors and contains a pack of cartridges, plus a kit for recharging the battery. Select automatic, manual batteries, or one of each. Vapor4life’s three sizes are straightforward: 200 mAh, 300 mAh, and 400 mAh, the last two thirds of the way to eGo-type power and half a day of vaping. Just don’t forget to use your discount at checkout.

King e cigs are tipped with an ash cap, so there’s no glow. Their 180-mAh, 280-mAh, and 380-mAh batteries are also close to the real size, shape, and feel of a cigarette. This model’s Premium Kit is the same as a Titan and also sold in several colors.

Zeus Cig

Select a Zeus kit and switch type: automatic, manual, or dual-mode. The last one allows you to switch between modes. Click the power button rapidly 5 times if you want to change from one to the other. This is a 5V device providing consistent output. Since threading is consistent with mini cigs, you can also use other KR808D clearomizers on a Zeus battery if the Smileomizer doesn’t suit you for some reason. Select a color such as cigar paper, blue, black, green, or magenta.

Your e cig is thick enough to pass for a cigar and long enough too at 650 mAh, 900 mAh, or 1300 mAh. Vape for half a day or a weekend. Instructions say you can add a CoolCart, WOW Vapor Cartomizer, plus other brands of dual coil tanks but not eGo tanks. The kit comes with a USB charger so you can use this as a pass-through vaporizer while recharging. The package also features an AC adapter and WOW e juice.

Variable Volt

The $75 Zeus Variable Volt Premium set is the same as above except it contains the variable voltage e cig. That is, you turn a dial at the base of your battery and the voltage is under your command. Usually, voltage is naturally and slowly depleted as a battery’s charge drains. In this case, vapers maintain a steady flow until the battery has to be plugged in for a top-up. Each battery is accompanied by a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 90-day warranty. Watch instructional videos at Vapor4life if you want to see their e cigs in action or view how to refill a Smileomizer (Variable Volt/Zeus tank) before buying one.

E Juice at Vapor4life With Coupon Codes

Some WOW e liquid flavors are familiar if you have browsed other sites and seen what they offer. There are coffee, candy, and custard styles; vegetable glycerin (VG) e juice and tobacco varieties. The key word here is “variety.” Many e cig brands carry just a dozen or so fruits, tobaccos, and desserts. Vapor4life combines those favorites (Turkish and American tobacco, menthol, and coffee) with an explosion of other possibilities. Select blueberry peach, caramel, or almond coconut. Choose one of their standard 30-ml WOW flavors for just $13.99, which makes them cheaper than VaporFi’s classic e juice line.

VG-only e liquids at Vapor4life provide the density you want for a sub ohm system. You don’t have to be using the King, Titan, or Zeus e cig to benefit from the good value, high standards, and excellent selection of sub ohm e juices like Triple Nickel, Vanilla, and Café Mocha sold for the same low price as above. Read enthusiastic consumer reviews to help you select a flavor. E Juices are blended at a facility which satisfies ISO 9001 regulations: safe, hygienic, and compliant with American standards.

All the e juices are available with Vapor4Life coupon codes if you are interested in the products.