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Now is a very good time to give Vapor4life e juices a try. They are currently offering a great deal: buy 4 bottles for 44 bucks. Pay only $44 for 4 bottles, any flavors, with free domestic shipping as well. Try a flavor that’s been around a while but is new to you or give a brand new Vapor4life variety a go. Their latest offerings are Fruit Breeze (a cool fruit style) and Blueberry Peach.

Numerous E Juice Styles

Choosing a type of Vapor4life e juice would be difficult if you simply pulled up the internet page and started browsing. Doesn’t it help you to find a filter? Vapor4life supplies several. Choose a type of flavor or a series of e juice. There are 4 series: V-Flavor, WOW, VG-only WOW, and Premium WOW. VG-only is exactly what it sounds like: e juice that doesn’t contain propylene glycol (PG). The others do contain PG, but since there’s more vapor produced by a WOW e liquid than a Premium one, I suspect that WOW e juice contains more VG (vegetable glycerin) than the Premium style. Vapor4life shares precious little about the way their e juice is made, so that’s a single downfall I can see here.


If you want a VG-only e juice, that’s probably because you either wish to create huge clouds or have something against PG. A lot of people are suspicious of propylene glycol or unsure about inhaling it directly, but they don’t have any concern about vegetable glycerin. This line of 7 VG-only flavors includes 3 tobacco types, a vanilla, one chocolate, a straight coffee, and mocha.


Buy a 6-ml bottle for $4.99 containing 1.8% nicotine and receive one free 2-ml bottle of nicotine-free e liquid. Here they’ve got 6 styles on the list and you can buy all of them as a sampler pack for $24.99. Alternatively, pick them up one at a time or choose the 5-pack sampler instead. Your choices are watermelon, peppermint, cinnamon, coffee, rich tobacco, or menthol.

WOW Vapor

Here is where the list becomes unwieldy. Don’t even think about trying to browse the whole list. Narrow your search to one of the following:

• dessert
• coffee
• tobacco
• menthol
• fruit
• beverages

There are over 90 flavors to choose from, including about every fruit you can think of and numerous types of tobacco that taste a little (or a lot) like real cigarettes. When you read what customers have said about various flavors, you will find the most authentic ones quickly; the fruits that taste like candies; and desserts so rich they should be full of calories. Sample bubble gum, black licorice, hazelnut coffee, and much more. These aren’t sophisticated blends: just ordinary e juice, but ordinary tastes really good.

Premium WOW

Some Wow flavors are sold as Premium style or regular WOW e juice only and others come in both formats. The good news is that whichever style you select, including VG-only, there’s one price (V-Flavor is the sole exception): 30 ml costs $13.99 and you can select from 3.6% nicotine down to zero. They come in plastic bottles and the bulk format makes them very cost efficient.

Cartridge Refills

Some vapers aren’t up to the refill stage of vaping yet. They are still using pre-filled cartomizers with Titan or King batteries. In that case, it’s great that Vapor4life charges so little for their 5-packs of e liquid refills. A pack of 5 pre-filled cartridges will cost you just $9.95: a little under the average price. Variety in this category is also pages long.

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