Vapor Titan

Are you about ready to buy your first rechargeable e cig? If so, here’s one you should consider as a strong contender among the other American brands. Vapor4life makes a great product for beginners: the Vapor Titan electronic cigarette. This mini cig is all you will need as you learn to become a vaper.

Vapor Titan premium kitThe Vapor4life Vapor Titan

Where Gizmodo magazine came up with the idea that this is the top e cig worldwide I don’t know; nor do I know if that title is old or still stands. All I know is that if Gizmodo is this enthusiastic, even if you don’t agree with their proclamation, you know the device has to be pretty darn impressive. The design is cigarette-like: white, narrow, with a colored cartridge attached as your only way to know the difference between this and a cigarette from a distance.

Inside the Titan

Within the Titan is a tiny microprocessor; like a mini computer of sorts. This controls voltage at a range of 4.2V consistently until the battery dies. You have probably experienced batteries which slowly lost power from the beginning of a charge until they needed to be recharged: not the Titan. That is probably one reason Gizmodo is so impressed.

Ergonomic Design

A cigarette is one of the most ergonomic products around and that is a big selling point; one that most e cigs can’t live up to. How can you replicate that soft feeling between your fingers? Vapor4life replicates that feeling with the Vapor Titan’s soft exterior. You can also mimic your usual smoking style by puffing to activate the atomizer. Manual operation (pressing a button) is optional.

Lots of Colors

I mentioned how similar the Titan battery is to a real cigarette, but there are many color choices besides authentic white. Select anything from a dark shade to a feminine hue. If you buy a starter kit, you will be asked to select a color: olive, magenta, lavender, sapphire, etc.

Starter Kits

Vapor4life carries sets in several configurations. The economic mid-level kit contains two batteries plus a wall charger and carry case alongside a five-pack of cartridges in your choice of flavor. Try a tobacco that reminds you of cigarettes or a gourmet flavor that’s more like dessert without fat and calories.

Technical Details

A Vapor Titan is threaded like many other mini cigs in the KR808D style. That refers to the pattern of threads when two parts screw together; a pattern that isn’t consistent from brand to brand. There is a range of 200 mAh to 400 mAh according to the battery size you choose which equates to between 280 and 450 puffs lasting 4 seconds each or up to 6 hours (less with smaller batteries or towards the end of a charge). It will take as little as 2 hours or as much as 4 hours to recharge a battery.

Replace Cartridges

One of the down sides of buying e cigs is the cost associated with pre-filled cartridges. You won’t be similarly disappointed here: Vapor4life charges just $9.95 per pack of 5 pre-fills. A lot of companies put a price tag of $10.95 to $14.99 on their products and few companies offer as many flavor choices as Vapor4life either.

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