Vapor Zeus

It would be unfair to refer to the Vapor Zeus by Vapor4life as an e cigarette or a mini cig. It doesn’t really qualify. At a minimum of 650 mAh, it could be classed as an e cigar or an eGo, but with the Vapor Zeus you’re certainly out of little league vaping. This isn’t the big leagues yet either: somewhere comfortable between them: a midi-cig. The Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus is the first 650-mAh automatic vaping battery the world would see.

As Opposed to What?

What is the usual format for a 650-mAh battery? These eGo-type cells are usually button-operated, examples being the Halo Triton, JoyeTech eGo, and Kanger EVOD. That means you can’t just puff and expect the atomizer to heat up; you have to press a button first.

This is how a manually operated mini cig battery works too, but by the time you are using eGos the button-free system is no longer expected. Automatic operation is highly convenient if you are still not ready to leave some of your smoking habits behind.

The Battery

A Zeus battery comes in blue, green, cigar, black, or magenta and three ratings: 650 mAh, 900 mAh, and 1300 mAh. Size-wise they are close to cigars. These equate to about half a day’s use to an entire day per charge. Light vapers might even make the largest battery last a weekend. These are regulated batteries: voltage remains constant at 5V the whole time using cartomizers rated 2 ohms or higher. You can also attach a WOW or Premium cartomizer to the end of a Zeus.


Like most eGos, though, the Vapor Zeus will also work with a tank that has to be filled. In this case, it’s known as a Smileomizer. You can buy a starter kit for the Vapor4life Vapor Zeus with one of these included or purchase the device independently.

Vapor Zeus Dual Mode KitStarter Kits for the Vapor4life Vapor Zeus

Again, there are options as to what your kit will contain, but the Premium Kit holds:

• one automatic or manual battery
• a Smileomizer
• a USB charging cable and AC adapter
• one mouth tip
• 30 ml of WOW e juice in your choice of flavor and strength

The Zeus comes in 4 possible formats besides 3 sizes and mAh ratings. There is the automatic, a traditional manual (button-operated) style, plus a dual-operation Zeus and the VV device.

Extra Options

A dual-mode Zeus can operate as either a manual or an automatic battery. This is perfect if you are getting used to the manual way of vaping or sharing this e cig with another vaper who vapes differently from you. The Variable Volt Zeus is a customizable battery.

Use a dial at the bottom to change from 3.2V to 4.8V at any time. The VV Zeus can be either automatic or manual and is also compatible with a variety of tanks. One is the dual coil 3.5-ml tank in two sizes and several colors.

Select an eGo or 510-threaded Smileomizer instead. Add some e juice if it wasn’t already in your starter kit: 30 ml for $13.99. The dual coil tank can handle VG-only e juices too.

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